Cleaning ritual

It’s spring again. In Catholic culture, that is the time to fast. According to Chinese Medicine, the liver energy (an important detox organ) is then at its highest. So a good time to clean, to let go. Hereby a cleansing ritual for our psyche and soul.

Find a stone. You carry this stone with you for 3 weeks – for example in your pocket, handbag, jacket pocket … This stone symbolises what you want to release.
That which you want to release always consists of something that you still have to digest, process and integrate in order to subsequently be able to release what remains.

You tell the stone that in the coming weeks it will represent “what you want to release” for you. For instance:
“Dear stone. Do you want to represent my anger towards the ….. I’ve been angry long enough. I want to let go of this anger. ” Or
“Dear stone, do you want to represent my grief about .…. I cried long enough. I want to let go of this sadness. ”
And if you don’t know what you want to release or transform, you tell the stone:
“Dear stone. Sometimes I feel …. (heavy, sad, angry, fearful, guilty….). I don’t know where that comes from, but I don’t like that. Do you want to represent my … (emotion) in the coming weeks? I want to let this go. ”

Maybe it’s very strange for you to talk to a rock. Then imagine that the stone is your best friend you are talking to. That makes it a little easier. Regularly take a moment to speak to the stone. After 3 weeks (or longer you will be able to feel it yourself), take the stone to a place in nature and tell him that you have carried it long enough with you, thank him for the lessons you received and that it now is the time to let it and everything connected with it go. That which you stand for no longer serves me, and I will let you go now. So that you and I can be free and happy again. You can do this ritual for yourself, but you are of course also welcome at the ‘Release’ workshop on Saturday afternoon, 13 April.
You can register: cleaning ritual workshop

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