Grounding – earth, sky and heart meditation

Sit on your chair and close your eyes.
Focus upon your breathing. Become aware of your breath. Slowly your focus goes inside.

Feel the earth under your feet. The colour of the earth is brown. There is brown earth energy under your feet and, this energy touches each cell of your feet.

Slowly this brown energy moves upwards. At first over your toes and your heals, the insteps, ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs, bottom, belly, lower back, upper back, breast, upper arms, lower arms, your hands and fingers, your neck, throat, it moves over the back of your head, your face and your crown.

Now you are completely packed into the earth energy. A safe, warm energy surrounds you completely.

Above your crown, there is golden light. This light enters slowly, slowly your crown and moves downwards. It fuses with the brown energy of the earth. Across the back of your head and your face, down your upper arms, lower arms, hands, fingers, breast, upper back.
It moves down to your lower back, belly, bottom, upper legs, knees, lower legs, heals, insteps and it surrounds your feet.

Now you are packed into the energies of the earth and sky. Completely mixed with each other and embracing you totally.

Next, bring your attention to your heart. Your heart can also send out its energy. What colour has the power of your heart?

This energy is growing bigger – circle wise and, it will mingle with the earth and sky energy. From the location of your heart – your heart energy with its beautiful colour expands until it completely surrounds you together with the earth and sky energy.

You are a rock now – strong, solid, grounded, confident.

Slowly become aware of your breathing and slowly, slowly open your eyes and come back to the here and now.

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