The purpose of a Systemic Ritual is to provide the client with resources or to open and strengthen access to resources already available to the client. This differs to some extent from the constellation work, where the accent is on confrontation with the entanglement. This provides insight and often also offers solutions. But for dealing with a (family) constellation, a client needs already a lot of strength.

As a result, a (family) constellation can sometimes be hard to digest and sometimes creates confusion for clients. In that case, the therapeutic stimulus is too big and carries the risk of paralyzing instead of revitalizing.

A systemic ritual gives something extra. The basic principle of Systemic Ritual is that you should never let a client leave empty-handed.

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With a systemic ritual, you want to give the client an image, give hope or give opportunities to continue the process leading to wholeness. Working with auxiliary or power sources is the basic principle of Systemic Ritual. A process brings strength once it is wholly completed, but it takes energy while it is still running.

By using resources, you activate a source that is already whole, which can, therefore, provide support. The system that needs healing is cut off from love, respect, etc. Your family forms a system, but also, for example, your work, your body, the environment (ecosystem). Everything in which various persons or other living elements are connected forms a system. In Systemic Ritual you always and partly look for what already works, which forces are already accessible. You first activate what is already whole, what is already healthy. That can help to release energy for the healing process.

You can bring help or power sources to the client in different ways. Fellow humans can be a resource. Think, for example, of the support and understanding you receive when you have just had a stressful event. The phrase “I know that situation, I’ve been there too” already gives “strength”, especially when it is supplemented with “I recognize it, I know the fear, sadness, pain, anger … It tells the other one, he/she is not alone standing there or people have gone that way already and these people are available for support.

Can you name three resources that give you strength in your current life?

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