Systemic Ritual versus Family constellations versus Shamanism

Systemic Ritual is a method that Daan van Kampenhout developed out of thorough research of the combination of constellations and elements of Shamanic Ritual. The aim is to create healing by connecting to more expansive ancestral fields and their resources, strength and support. The focus of a Systemic Ritual is to activate support and resources within or outside ourselves.
Like in family constellations, Systemic Ritual uses the method of representation and archaic, healing sentences. Similar to Shamanic rituals, Systemic Ritual is often guided with the sound of the drum, prayers, ground plans, and fixed structures that guide the movements that occur in the ritual.

If you are interested in Systemic Ritual, you can join the online course ‘Working With Systemic Ritual. For more information see: /working-with-systemic-ritual/

Join a ritual – click – you can do this one at home – asking for support of ancestors to help you with your challenge

Systemic Ritual doesn’t focus on searching for the origin of an individual- or family problem and offering a solution. That is why for working with Systemic Ritual, knowing the exact details of a family system are not necessary. Systemic Ritual works with the abstract essence of a family story. An individual issue is translated to a collective theme. In that way, all participants can relate to it. This principle also achieves that the rituals not only help integrating individual problems but collective ones.
The community is seen as essential in this work. Systemic Ritual recognises and emphasises that an individual never stands alone but is always a part of a community.

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