Momentopname 1 (8-3-2017 12-56)My name is Susanne Hazen.
My biggest interest in life is the human being. Its qualities and oddities. So I studied Psychology and later on in my life I studied Systemic Constellation Work. That has become my expertise.
For understanding other people I think it is important to understand myself – my qualities, oddities and the things that hinder me in living my own life fully. I have a sincere wish to understand and develop Me, Myself and I. I call it my search for the deepest essence of my soul.
This quest brought me towards many kinds of methods for self-research. In 1998 I learned about the technique of Systemic Constellation Work. That brought me a lot. So I wanted this method to help many others as well. I started to study different forms of Systemic Constellation Work and I practice this work now for 15 years. Still, each constellation I do for a client is amazing to me.
Recently I started to write down my soul quest and within a year I hope my book will be finished. It will be a book not only describing my soul quest, but also with a lot of information that lies behind my process.visitekaartje


Susanne Hazen graduated in 1988 from the University of Utrecht in Psychology. After this training, she started working in social work.
In 2001 she also graduated from the then Academy for Natural Medicine Hilversum. In 2002 she started her own practice.

She has been teaching Psychology / Therapeutic Training at various courses in the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) since 2002. In the years 2004 and 2005, she followed the training in Family constellations at Harrie de Kruijff and received the diploma in June 2005. Since 2003 she has immersed herself in the Shamanic work and has followed various training courses with Daan van Kampenhout in the Netherlands and Switzerland. In 2011 she completed the two-year training “Systemic Ritual®”.