Systemic Ritual versus Family constellations versus Shamanism

Systemic Ritual is a method that combines the work of constellations and elements of Shamanic Ritual. The aim is to create healing by connecting to more expansive ancestral fields and their resources, strength and support.

Working online with systemic constellations – is that possible?

Working online with systemic constellations - is that possible? If you had asked me this question a year ago, before all the lockdowns, I would have said NO. But then all the lockdowns came. However, I did not want to sit still and insisted on continuing my work. And why shouldn't that be possible? After all, with Systemic Constellations and Systemic Ritual you work with the knowing field. This field is independent of time and space. I went for it and experience has taught me that you can do the job very well ONLINE. Of course, it is more convenient face to face, because physical touch, which can mean a new, healing physical experience for a client, is in that sense also essential in this work. But not necessarily a must. That which happens in the knowing field is nevertheless the essence of systemic work - at least in my view, the more spiritual view of systemic work.

Herdenken en eren van de overledenen

We staan op de schouders van onze voorouders.Afrikaans gezegde. Er wordt gezegd dat rond het begin van de maand november de sluier tussen de levenden ofwel de materiële wereld en de wereld van de overledenen / goden / heiligen / spirits ofwel de ‘andere wereld’ het dunst is en dat op deze dagen het contact … Lees verder Herdenken en eren van de overledenen

ONLINE workshops – Strengthening the soul

On the 'pay as you like' evenings, we will do rituals and meditation to restore the connection with our soul. Always different rituals and practices - that help to connect better with your soul. What does your soul need to be more present in your life, feel save, and where is healing needed?

Krachtbronnen / hulpbronnen

Het doel van Systemische Rituelen is de cliënt te voorzien van hulpbronnen buiten zichzelf of de toegang te openen en te versterken naar hulpbronnen die al beschikbaar zijn voor cliënt. Dit is in enige mate afwijkend van het opstellingenwerk waar het accent ligt op confrontatie met de verstrikking, die weliswaar inzicht en veelal ook oplossingen … Lees verder Krachtbronnen / hulpbronnen

Five bodies of our being

From various traditions, including shamanic traditions, anthroposophy and Hinduism, we know the concept of the human being consisting of several bodies and not just a physical body. Each tradition has its own concept about the physical, gross material, and subtle or energetic bodies. Apart from the physical body, we cannot see those other bodies with … Lees verder Five bodies of our being

Lente reinigingsritueel

Het is weer lente. In de katholieke cultuur is dat de tijd om te vasten. Volgens de Chinese Geneeskunde is de leverenergie (een belangrijk detox orgaan) dan op zijn hoogst. Dus een goede tijd om te reinigen, om los te laten. Hierbij een reinigingsritueel voor onze psyche en ziel.

Cleaning ritual

It's spring again. In Catholic culture, that is the time to fast. According to Chinese Medicine, the liver energy (an important detox organ) is then at its highest. So a good time to clean, to let go. Hereby a cleansing ritual for our psyche and soul.