ONLINE workshops – Strengthening the soul

On the 'pay as you like' evenings, we will do rituals and meditation to restore the connection with our soul. Always different rituals and practices - that help to connect better with your soul. What does your soul need to be more present in your life, feel save, and where is healing needed?

Grounding – earth, sky and heart meditation

Sit on your chair and close your eyes. Focus upon your breathing. Become aware of your breath. Slowly your focus goes inside. Feel the earth under your feet. The colour of the earth is brown. There is brown earth energy under your feet and, this energy touches each cell of your feet. Slowly this brown … Lees verder Grounding – earth, sky and heart meditation

Cleaning ritual

It's spring again. In Catholic culture, that is the time to fast. According to Chinese Medicine, the liver energy (an important detox organ) is then at its highest. So a good time to clean, to let go. Hereby a cleansing ritual for our psyche and soul.