The direction of the North

The energy of the North is at its highest on the shortest day of the year. In 2020 this will be on Monday, December 21. On this evening you can participate in the workshop "Celebrating the North". This workshop will take place ONLINE. This evening we will connect with the qualities of the North using … Lees verder The direction of the North

ONLINE workshops – Strengthening the soul

On the 'pay as you like' evenings, we will do rituals and meditation to restore the connection with our soul. Always different rituals and practices - that help to connect better with your soul. What does your soul need to be more present in your life, feel save, and where is healing needed?

Spirit Animal Helpers

I feel connected to animals – not only because of they are ‘cute’, but for most that we can learn from them and that they can be our guide, that helps us to explore our inner and outer realms. Animals as teachers and messengers from the guides in the unseen realm.